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Originally Posted by Goober View Post
You will have to pull the starter jet to see if it’s too loose in the bore.

In a warm engine When you flip the choke ON what happens? Nothing? It dies?
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do not use or even think about after market carbs for that atv !. if your old oem carb has been drilled out ?, your best bet is look for a oem used carb, and rebuild it with a shindy carb kit. AGAIN...DO NOT USE ANY AFTER MARKET CARBS ON THAT ATV !!!.
Originally Posted by Goober View Post
Maybe he didn’t do anything to it but drill the replaceable jet.

You definitely want a Keihin QA03A that’s the oem for it. They are available on fleabay just not cheap–i bought one for $80 and after putting a $40 starter valve, $25 baffle and $25 rebuild kit in it i installed on my project 86.

The main jet is a 142, but i put 138.5 in mine and the high altitude jet is a 132? I run borderline high altitude so i think it helps.
so you should take your carb apart and see whazzup. Get a rebuild kit and a starter valve we’ll help you thru it—the Shindy kit comes with all new jets.

If the PO drilled anything on the carb itself , you can still keep it for parts.
Thanks for the quick responses,

I looked back in my messages and I still have the PO added, asked him what he drilled out and he said it was the choke slide, said it seized and he had to free it up. So does that mean I’m good then?
if it was just the enrichment valve, and not the bore itself ?, then yes, you are good to use that carb with a rebuild kit, you will how ever need to purchase a new choke enrichment valve if you do not have a good valve ?.
How could I check if I need a new enrichment valve, I know the choke works fine but the PO said it was hard to get the carb set right after he drilled the choke to free it up. He also said something about somebody at his work removing the jets but said nothing about drilling them.

I can’t find a shindy rebuild kit, if I can find one I’ll buy it then start screwing with the carb once I get the kit.
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