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Ya, Tier 4 is a perfect bend-y'all-over-monthly electronic prison-plan! The local loggers here (my nearest neighbors and close friends) all have shiny new processing equipment. Its fast, modern, makes them lots of money and allows them to work 12-14 hour days in their tee shirts year 'round. But when something breaks on those efficient new machines its always a computer/network/sensor related issue and they're completely dead in the woods until the chintzy machine gets fixed.

They know I can't stand working on proprietary crap without a detailed service manual with schematics, it wastes all my time learning, rather than fixing... so I only get called up after the paid factory tech has failed and left them hanging. And those factory techs are dumber than rocks most of them! They're skilled at making up lame excuses is all!

I'm just a damn nutter in the woods... I shouldn't be my neighbors' goto guy after their high fallutin' electronic garbage shuts them down in the woods over a cheap china 10 cent sensor or a wiggled out plug... and after they've paid a few thousand bucks to some text-book, clean-shirted, punk who just drove away complaining about his wet 'n muddy, stained tennis shoes! I'm just a damn nutter in the woods fer cryin' out loud!

But if ya ever get in a bind don't hesitate to call. I hate sufferin' just as much as the next man. I'll do my damn-dest fer ya. :-)

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