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Originally Posted by Goober View Post
I don’t use vise grips on my lines.

Set the shoes like the book says. Two adjusters on each shoe--run them all down then back them off two flats each. When you bleed the brakes all the shoes have to be locked down to force out old fluid.

When air is trapped in the line you can try to push it out but some rises up to the master cylinder. Use a flat screwdriver to gently take out that flat rubber puck–that’s where the air gets trapped. Jiggle the lever to let air escape past the master cylinder—you’ll see bubbles rising out of the master cylinder orifices

I use clear hose that fits over the bleed nipples–inverted U into a jar–i open the valve and run the fluid up into the hose. So you’re squeezing, it locks the brakes, open the bleed screw and the lever starts to move again. Near the end of the stroke, close the valve. Push air and old fluid out. The fluid in the hose Keeps air out.
Thanks, just bled the brakes by pumping then opening the bleed valve this time and the nasty fluid came out. I did not take the plunger out in fear that I would brake it but I am going to zip tie the lever pulled for a few days to let the air out (not sure if it’s going to work but I’ve hear of it before). Adjusted the brakes and it seems to work fine now but hopefully it holds up and works this time. Thanks
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