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(Atv is a 1986 Honda TRX350 Btw)

About a month ago I posted about my brakes not working until pulled half way. I was recommended to buy new brake shoes (which it needed no matter what) and was told how to properly bleed the brakes (although I forgot to adjust brakes all the way out). The brakes worked perfectly for a 2 weeks but as time went on I had to pull the lever closer and closer (probably due to the touching brake pads starting to burn off).

Today I put a vice grip on the line next to the master cylinder to and the lever became very stiff, I then put a vice grip on one of the lines near a brake and then the lever became stiff, I then took the grip off and put it on the other and it became stiff again but when I took the vide off the line i had to pull it all the way again. I also put two vide grips on both the lines near both brakes and the lever became very stiff so I’m pretty sure the break lines are fine.

Before doing all of that I adjusted my brakes a little more to see if it would make a difference and it did but it is at the point where if I do it anymore my shoes will be touching too much.

Any ideas would be a big help

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