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How much oil did you put in? This engine is very hard to check the oil and fill it properly. If you fill it full when sittingf it will be way over filled. Should be less then 2 quarts in it. If you have the proper amount of oil in it i would start by removing the screen in the oil tank lower line connector. The line unscrews and then the whole compression fitting unscrews from the tank. There is a fine screen that if it was clogged could back up oil in the tank. The proper way to check oil in this quad is start it and let it idle till its most of the way warmed up. 10 to 15 minutes if its warm out. Could take 25 or 30 when its cold. Then without hitting the throttle the whole time its idling you shut it off pull the dip stick wipe it off and put it in without screwing it into the threads. If you do it any other way the reading will be wrong. This system has to scavange oil from the tank so when sitting over night the oil levels will balance between the engine and tank. This is why reading it this way will be wrong. Welcome to the forums!

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