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well I see things maybe in a different view than most,a s I see HOW you use a atv, as just a personal hobby deal,
lets face it, we al waste money on things we DON"T need or have to to get by, or most of us sure do
so like with any hobby, you get into it and then the hobby starts to grow as your budget allows, you strat to try and see what and where you can go, and test what you BUILT, against either your own self, or against buddy's and so on.
I personally think there are phases we all go thru as we age
when young and dumb, we TEST things more and we do so with (well most of us that ain't born into $$) we start with lower priced things and TRY and make them better pinching corners and saving and then HAVING FUN, to what we THINK at the time is money well spent on FUN
then as MOST of us age, we go down one of two roads
we either start to have extra money to waste and stay with the toys and they just get bigger or more costly
OR we grow out of breaking stuff and wasting money we don;t have to waste on toys, and try and get our money to go farther
hobbies start to change too or they DON"T again!
I know I can never throw stones at the mud and water guys, as I was once young and dumb and wasted a ton of money on toys to play in the mud(raced bog trucks and jeeps and even played with a monster truck for a while traveling all over the USA to waste money and break stuff LOL)
but I grew out of it I guess, or just the budget stopped having that extra money to waste on things,
I do think most folks again like to test themselves and machine , as kids and some again either stay with doing so, or grow out of it
Budget I think is HUGE determination factor as is what all your buddy's(AKA bad influences) have on you too!
and your skills at building / making things, the more creative you like to BUILD things, the longer you toy IMO!
so, I also say to each there own, enjoy what you like only go around once!
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