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Originally Posted by bighanded View Post
I see guys spend some serious $ on shiney new plastic, and then more $ on mods to make them a mudding beast . . . then rush out to the nearest hole and bury the bikes up to the headlights . . . spinning and slinging for hours.

Yes, my machines are utility primarily, but also see light trail ride enjoyment . . . to each his own . . . but I'd much rather just ride the thing and be grateful for it's ability to navigate a foot of water in a creek, or some muddy areas on a trail.

If I'm being overprotective, ya'll educate me . . . might be my 26 yr old Honda is just fine and happy spinning slightly larger/more aggressive treads through foot deep mud . . .

Agree with you Ed . . . why bury your machine in the mudhole when you can ride around it and see that herd of elk, or what's over the next hill . . .
But, as you mention, "to each his own" . . . emphasis on the word 'own'

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