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What's the attraction to mud ?

ok...figure I'll be cranking up the flames here..but it really is a question in earnest.

even the cheaper, old bikes had long been way down on my list of things to spend money badly as I wanted an ATV through the years, it was hard to make it a priority.

Finally allowing myself a well worn, used machine (course then I was hooked and one wasn't enough)..but to the point.. I see guys spend some serious $ on shiney new plastic, and then more $ on mods to make them a mudding beast..and then rush out to the nearest hole and bury the bikes up to the headlights..spinning and slinging for hours.

yes, my machines are utility primarily, but also see light trail ride enjoyment and I appreciate when it's rainy season and I come across some nasty thick mud in my way, that I am able to cross through it..but I'm not looking to double back, and spend an hour spinning around in it to the point where I have to get out and slosh through it with the winch cable.

to each his own..and I will admit I have turned the engine off, sat back on the hill and watched the show more than once as other riders bury their pride n joys. I get it to a point..but I'd much rather just ride the thing and be grateful for it's ability to navigate a foot of water in a creek, or some muddy areas on a trail.

I guess part of my bringing this up is to try and better appreciate/understand the urge as I am about to tell some of my family that my bike is no longer to be a mudder's not really modified for the abuse and I'm not looking to have it in the shop, when I know that the use I ask it to do will let the bike last for many more years... I want my rigs to be available and fun for the whole family, but I will be restricting the abuse of my old 300 from now on...the cheap chinese quads (2 of them)..the boys basically own them's their to maintain..but my remaining first gonna see cleaner days in the last years.

if I'm being overprotective..ya'll educate me... might be my 26 yr old honda is just fine and happy spinning slightly larger/more aggressive treads through foot deep mud..and I'm just being an old fart. (grin)

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