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One tequila , two tequila , three tequila , floor !

Jose Cuervo , Patron, Top Shelf and Sammy Hagar's Wab Wab lite me up many of nights on the dance floor , but it really gets you the next day , especially if it is 90+ degrees and you sweat the smell of tequila , tequila is a terrible hangover , I think it is worst than green beer

Tequila brings a lot of happy and some sad thoughts for me , my old girl friend Pam , who was my first real girl friend when I was 13 , I never seen her for 23 years , then I meet up with her about 20 years ago now , on the dance floor of a club , we wound up living together for 7 years and danced every song , 5 nights a week = Wed-Sun, where ever the good bands were playing and the best party , we had a lot of fun , she liked to do shots of Jose 1800 Gold , she passed away at 59 years old last Thursday , she had breast cancer about 7 years ago , survived that but the cancer spread to her spline 4 years later ----if you have a spot in your prayers , wish her a better place
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