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Originally Posted by Cat Mandoo View Post
Originally Posted by GirlsRideToo View Post
Originally Posted by Cat Mandoo View Post
So, the credit goes to @GirlsRideToo if this works, and @shadetree for 'splaining it!

Took the advise also. Changing ALL the fluids & filters. Brake fluid looked original! Probably not, but who knows?

First time EVER, I could bleed & flush the brakes by myself! Bonus.
Hooray, the pics worked!

Changing the fluids and filters let's you know it's done right. There are quite a few stories on the forum about engines being destroyed because the oil filter was put in backwards.

Bleeding the brakes without asking 10 questions on the forum, stripping the screws on the master cylinder and breaking at least one fingernail is monumental. Congrats!!

I'm really curious about the story behind your 300. From the pics, it looks like someone did some restoration recently. The plastics are so nice and shiny, the mud guards are in great shape, the frame and shock, that I can see, appear to have been painted, the racks look great, can't see any rips in the seat and it looks like there's new paint on the rims. If you'd care to share the history I'd love hear it.
Honestly, I found it and bought it. It is a Honda, was made in the USA, and is a 1996. That's about it. Oh, and it is green.

I read a bunch about these TRX300FW's as being great, reliable, bullet proof machines, so that's what I went for.

It may be a rebuild, but I don't think so. But what do I know? Runs good, drives good, looks good. It will be used strictly around the farm for hauling firewood, produce, a quick ride from here to there, etc. If it breaks on me, I can tow it back to the garage with one of the big John Deere's or my pick-up.

Chances are, I'll get another 20 years out of the Goodyears!

That is all the history I can give you.

Oh, and I did break a fingernail! Only the pinky one. I'll be okay!

By the way, I saw something about the lug nuts. DO PEOPLE REALLY PUT THEM ON BACKWARDS?!?! How do you get a socket over the tapered part to put them on backwards??????
they may put the rims on backwards ?, but not many that I know of put the lug nuts on backwards ??

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