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Originally Posted by LedFTed View Post
Originally Posted by fishfiles View Post
My buddy that went to the race had $5 on the winner to show and got $135 , he didn't cash the ticket , says he is going to frame it and keep it , as it is history
just in case i didnt say it, they took out the tax's, automatically. online betting..
i never cashed a ticket, where, i had to worry bout tax's before.
how long is your friends ticket good? it's history for sure. i dont see it bringing, money at auction, later on, concerning the younger one's of today, who wont have any interest??
sports interest in general, is declining.

I don't know how long the ticket is good for , he said he ain't going to cash it in , it is worth more to him knowing he was there and had a winning ticket on on the horse that won by default --- he also told me he booked next year's hotel room in advance , paid $300 this year cause he waited to the last minute , says he got the same room for $75 by booking it now for next year

when I hit a jackpot at the casino , I tell them to take all the taxes out right there , Fed and State is like 38% , if not then you have to deal with it on taxes at the end of the year , guess it is the same at the track , you get a win/lost statement at the end of the year and you can get some of that tax money back
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