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Originally Posted by bighanded View Post
Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
the weight of what your towing, has more to do with can you control it when your going,
I have towed several thousand lbs with mine, but get a few hundred lbs on a steeper down hill and you can get in trouble real fast
these are all TOOLS< and yes they can do a lot more than there rated for, IF things are good for this to happens
common sense will get you far in life, DON"T have any and ell, life can get expensive and painful real fast LOL
point taken, and thanks, ...there are no hills on my property of any consequence..the bike, in low gear, has been able to control the trailer going down the slight grade of my driveway without even needing to apply braking..and when I do, it stops just yeah, it's a safe working tool for what I'm asking it to do...I'll continue to watch tongue weight and run more/smaller loads...I'm probably risking more when I ask it to pull a stump or tree trunk that I've cut out of my trails.. I just keep pulling this small/old bike out to do work..thinking that it's old, cheap, so not as worried about breaking it..and yet..the more I (and some of my kids) have returned to riding it..the more love it seems to bring...yes, the big water cooled, electic autotrans ATVS are nice...there are 2 here..neither any longer actually belong to me...they are now officially my kids machines.....but the old 300...yeah...that's stll Pop's bike..keeping them off of it seems to be the challenge...they've found the old magic..and I need less mud and more yard work on that bike
this is kinda why the old atv are loved by so many and getting harder and harder to find in decent NOT abused condition
and I again will say, IF HONDA< ever came back out with these models they would sell like crazy
the new things just don't take the abuse or last as long IMO
softer rides YUP< more gadgets YUP
but they do NOT have the reliability of the old one's or the over build to them as the old one's had, which is what made them last !
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