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Been thinking about this for a while and canít come up with anything.

On one had, Iíd have to go with the TRX300, but then again that rear end isnít very hard to kill. Then I think about the 400/450S Foreman, but remember all the problems stripping the splines on the axle/ring gear. Probably not as common as 300 rear end problems though.

But are we talking about a BRAND NEW TRX300 or 400/450S vs a newer Honda? Because those no longer exist. So we must be talking about right now, this moment in time, an good/average 300/400/450 vs a brand firing new Honda. In that case I would have to say a new Honda is more reliable than any average older machine you can pick up.
I mean letís face it, you buy a new machine it has warranty, you hop on and ride it. Itís not very likely youíll run into things like...bad bearings, worn ball joints, worn tie rod ends, etc. However with most used machines you can expect all of that stuff unless your buying it to immediately do a full rebuild on, assuming you have the skills and time to do so, and even then, most people I see doing these ďniceĒ rebuilds arenít considering the seal surfaces for their wheel bearings or differential seals, so how long their fixes will last with some real use can be a bit of a crapshoot.

So, whatís the hardest Honda to kill? I guess Iím not really sure. I could kill any of them pretty easily if that was what I wanted to do. lol

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