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Originally Posted by SlammedRanger View Post
The spark plugs i cant really make a recomendation on since im not into utility quads. But the compression test i can help with.
1. Make sure the battery is charged 100%(i usually put my battery tender on it)
2. Turn kill switch on handlebar to off position
3. Hold throttle wide open.
4. Crank it over until the needle stops climbing. (Generally 5 to 10 turns).
10-4, thanks! About the same as any other engine looks like.

I went ahead and put the DR7ES it for now. It runs fine but I will pull & check it after running it some.

I've got to check the exhaust for leaks too. Every time I ride it much at all I smell like exhaust when I get off. I've got a homemade smoke machine I made a few years ago that should be just the ticket for checking it.
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