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Originally Posted by Z7What View Post
Originally Posted by tperk100 View Post
Rear light is great idea. Do I really need to use a relay?
I cant take credit for the rear light idea, the idea was given to me by a member on here. You may not "need" a relay but id suggest one! I have one for my headlights and another one for my light bars. I tend to over thinks and have OCD pretty bad so to be 100% sure that I wasn't going to damage the bikes harness I choose to install a harness. Like I said, you may not need one but if for some reason you did over heat the factory wire, not only can you do damage to that wire but depending on how hot it gets, you could also damage the surround wires. Just my 2 pennies!

Originally Posted by Riverc View Post
I will be installing a led light bar soon.I found where I can tap the hi beam at the front by headlights.My rancher is a 2019 found the 3 wires white,green,hi beam is blue with a black stripe.Will also use a fused relay.
Wiring it that way will only allow the light bar to be on with your highbeams. That's not a problem at all, just wanted to make sure you understood that. The way the headlights work is if you have the low beam switch selected power is only sent to the low beam, when your switch is selected to high, it turns off the low beam and turns on the light beam, it doesN'T send power to both the low and high when the switch is on high!

Thanks again for your help Wayne....That's the way I want the led to work.

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