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i went back out this morning, because i was working with gretta. the red horse. i had forgot my old age, when i steeped out side, i didnt give my eyes enough time to adapt. i fell over my air tank, near landed face first into the floor jack.
i did land on my left cheek bone, maybe some on the left bone above the eye,
the bone at my elbow is still sore. i were close to seeing stars.. some of my teeth still are sore, on the left side. after i got back on my feet, i went to school gretta some more.. so it goes LOLS
PS, i havent been allowed to go to the chiropractor, to get my neck adjusted, since the stroke. i think i just adjusted it on me own. 1 pain begins, 1 pain stops.
at least this adjustment, dont seem to cost to much, so far

clymers manual,service manual..
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