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Originally Posted by fishfiles View Post
So I see this week is Martinsville , whats the story on Martinsville , where is it at , how many laps , good track or bad track , any drivers with a history of winning there more than others ????? can you bet on Nascar in Vegas ? I am new to NASCAR
Ah... ... Martinsville hair pin track, those hair pins make for some bump and grinding, and have led to some fights, lol.... I think it's classified as a short track, I'm all into to nascar ..... But.... They kind of mash the cars up on short tracks , that goes along with racing lol , I'm more into long high speed races daytona, Talladega are my all time favs. Just a side note you also catch some qualifying on direct channel 220, those makes for some good sports viewing, and Bristol ...... Total fun.... My pops used to race there little 4 banger motor cycle powered cars, with toyota rear ends (chunks) i was always busy farming while he went racing, so..... I don't all that much about those . I'll find more info, i know his car was white, n i think he was number 8, i have no idea how fast that machine was, but a friend has it now, and as far as i know he's still burns that track up, they might called midgets ? As far as stage racing ? It's got good things and bad..... I haven't made up my mind over that issue, just yet, but nascars rules and regs tend to go a bit far, IMO , these new air impact wheel guns ? Over kill .....
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