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2018 Kodiak 450 vs 2018 Honda Rancher

Howdy Honda friends,

I've been around a while, and ya'll know I love my 2016 Honda Rancher. I'm a numbers guy, so today I'm posting that I think Yamaha's new Kodiak 450 gives Honda some serious competition. Here's why, by the numbers:

(As I'm a fan of EPS, I'll compare similarly equipped machines, with Power Steering, 4x4, and independent suspension at all four corners.)

Kodiak 450 EPS (green with black steel wheels) = $6899
Rancher DCT IRS EPS (yellow w/ black steel wheels) = $8099

Kodiak = 421cc, 10.0:1 compression, 84.5mm x 75mm bore & stroke, 34mm throttle body, FUEL INJECTION
Rancher = 420cc, 9.9:1 compression, 86.5mm x 71.5mm bore & stroke, 33mm throttle body, FUEL INJECTION

Kodiak = Ultramatic belt-drive with High, Low, Neutral, Reverse, Park (this is a proven transmission, and probably the best design in the belt-drive industry, virtually no belt wear)
Rancher = DCT automatic (gear-on-gear), electric manual shift or "auto" mode, 5 forward speeds, Neutral, and Reverse (also proven, offers true gear selection)

Four-Wheel Drive:
Kodiak = button-activated 4-wheel-drive with open front diff
Rancher = lever-activated 4-wheel-drive with open front diff

Kodiak = 25" tires on 12" wheels
Rancher = 24" tires on 12" front and 11" rear wheels

Kodiak = hydraulic disc front, sealed wet brake rear (zero maintenance, highly praised)
Rancher = hydraulic disc front and rear

Both have IRS and comparable preload adjustment.

Suspension Travel:
Kodiak = 6.7" front, 7.4" rear
Rancher = 7.3" front, 8.5" rear

Ground Clearance:
Kodiak = 9.6"
Rancher = 9.2"

Cargo Racks:
Both have comparable, steel racks front and rear.
Kodiak = 88 lbs front, 176 lbs rear
Rancher = 66 lbs front, 133 lbs rear

Tow Rating:
Kodiak = 1322 lbs
Rancher = 848 lbs

Curb Weight:
Kodiak = 650 lbs
Rancher = 686 lbs

Turning Radius:
Kodiak = 10.2 ft
Rancher = 11.5 ft

Fuel Tank:
Kodiak = 3.7 gallons
Rancher = 3.9 gallons

Kodiak = dual front headlights WITH THIRD HANDLEBAR-MOUNTED LIGHT
Rancher = dual front headlights (have to get Foreman or Rubicon for handlebar-mounted light)

Accessory 12V Power Port:
Kodiak = standard equipment
Rancher = not available (have to get Foreman or Rubicon for accessory power outlet)

On-board Storage: (roughly equivalent space)
Kodiak = under the seat
Rancher = behind tail lamp

Both look awesome, looks are subjective, you decide.

In summary...
1. Yamaha doesn't give up anything to Honda in reliability, and the Kodiak is based on the proven Grizzly 450, but figure in the past 3 years of updates and improvements.
2. It looks to me like there is a real argument for more value in the new 2018 Kodiak.
3. I LOVE my Rancher, but Yamaha is making a very good argument for itself. I bought my 2016 Rancher in December of 2015. Had this new Kodiak been available at the time, the outcome might have been different.
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