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Announcements in Forum : Repair & Maintenance
04-18-2016 until 05-19-2017
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Welcome to the Honda ATV Forums

Hello. Welcome to the Honda ATV Forums.

The best way to get started is by registering on the forum. That way, you can ask questions, search for answers, and also share whatever knowledge you might have.

Our goal is to make the forums a friendly, helpful place, and we encourage all users to follow in those footsteps.

Here are a few suggestions that may help you:
> Oftentimes, the most detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips are found in a Honda Service Manual. Fortunately, it is possible for you to download a Honda service manual for your atv - from this forum. To find the service manual downloads, simply do a search for 'service manual download'.
>Please, refrain from posting the same question/concern in two (or more) different places or forums. Making duplicate threads only confuse those who may be trying to help you. Likewise, you will find that you will receive the best help by only starting one new thread.
>If you have a question/concern about something that was asked a few years ago on a thread, do NOT ask your question by replying to that old thread. Rather, start a new thread and ask your question on it.
>Look for 'Stickies' on a subject you might be interested in. Stickies are threads that contain valuable information that many people may find useful, such as: How to adjust your valves, how to rebuild a carburetor, etc. To find 'stickies', go to a forum and open up that forum and the first thing[s] that you will see listed are all the stickies which might pertain to that forum. If you don't find a 'sticky' that you are looking for, check in another forum.
>We know that many of you are not the best spellers or writers. But, please, help us help you by avoiding abbreviations, and clearly describing your concern or reply. Please use individual sentences as it helps everyone understand what you are writing.
>When asking a question about your atv, tell us what year and model atv you have! They are not all alike, and without the year and model, we simply can not help you.
>If you are having a problem, not only should you give us a clear description of the problem, but, also tell us if there were any circumstances which may have led to the problem (an accident, in deep water, atv hasn't been operated in 2 years, etc.) That will help us help you.
>If you have knowledge that you would like to share, please step up and join in! It is the combined knowledge of ALL the members of these forums that makes this such a successful place to come to.
Again, Welcome!
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