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Honda Rancher "ESP" Problem!! need help

Hey everybody im new to this forum. I have a 2001 Rancher 350 2x4 ESP. When I am cruising down the road and leave my fourwheeler in gear for to long it will not shift up or down. Unless I come to a stop and shut the four wheeler off and turn it back on. But if I shift up and back down fast it seems to work fine. Has anyone had this problem or know what it can be. Ive had a couple of four wheelers in the past but never one with ESP so im kinda new to this electric shift stuff.
My fourwheeler has about 600 hrs on it and it has been sunk in water before. The guy that sold it to me has had everything professionally fixed and its been sitin in a garage for about 2 years.
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This is a guess, but it might be the angle sensor or the speed sensor. Since the 2001 model doesn't store trouble codes, the only sure way to find the problem is to check each component in the electric shift system. A service manual will show you how to check each component. Here is a link to a 2000-2003 Rancher 350 service manual.
Most 4-wheeler problems are caused by a loose nut connecting the handlebars and the seat!!

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i have a 03 350 rancher esp and that happened to mine, the only problem was the wires to the battery where loose and the wires to(cant believe i forgot what it is call, it keeps the battery charged) they where not plugged in all the way and one was cut.
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I actually have the same problem with my rancher at. My meter was part of the problem.I finally got that repaired wishing that might solve the other problem as well.
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ESP common problem

I know this is a bit late on this reply but it might help others. 9 out of 10 times the problem with the ESP shifting is that it has an electric motor that is 100% sealed so that water and dirt cannot enter housing causing motor to fail one problem with that, as the motor moves when you shift up and down the brushes in motor wear out and create a dust witch gets packed on motor arbor and magnets that cause motor to short it's self out just as a starter in a car does once it about to go out works sometimes but not others.

So long story short just remove the shift motor once every few months or if you dont use it as much maybe longer and clean it out with electrical parts cleaner make sure the grooves where brush touches arbor are clean and use light sand paper and make brushes flat again as they were when new.

Some of you are thinking well I took motor off and hooked 12v to it. And it spins yes I'm sure it will now do the same but use the same gauge wire that is going to plug and length that is in bike you will get no movement or very slow movement due to the voltage drop, in the bike when hooked up the CID/ECU will sence the short and resistance and cause that part of it to shut down to prevent it from shorting out that is why sometimes you will get codes flashing and sometimes not.
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I had the same problem but with a 420 rancher. I changed my angle sensor and it fixed the problem. I would start there.
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"Shift Angle Sensor

I had similar problem on my 2011 and have several recommendations;

1) Be aware that there are two "angle sensors" (at least on the 2011 models there are). The one that caused my similar problem and I suspect is causing your's is the "Shift Angle Sensor" (~$50). I think the other one was called the "Brake Angle Sensor" and is a lot more expensive (~$80).

2) The service manual instructions had me tear down through the middle of the quad (remove the seat, side panels, air filter, filter box, connecting hoses, etc, etc) to get to the shift angle sensor mounted at the bottom of the crank case. A real hassle and pretty much impossible to do! After trying for over an hour to reach the two socket bolts with an allen wrench and scratching the hell out of my arms on everything in-between, I finally gave up...

Then I figured I'd take a look at it from the bottom looking up and discovered all I had to do was remove 3 or 4 skid plate bolts, hold the plate down and the sensor was right there, easily accessible! It took 10 minutes tops to change it out, but then another hour to put everything else back together that the service manual had me remove.

Bottom line, that fixed it! It still shifts to never never land ("-") now and then, but turning it off, then back on a couple of times seems to work.

Good luck
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