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Originally Posted by Larryw View Post
When i buy a atv used i refuse to pay what they are worth.. 1/2 to 3/4s of what they low end blue book.. Not that i do not trust you I don't trust anyone and dealers are the biggest lying *@**holes on the planet.. Unless you personally know or can substantiate the quads history its all #*&y4... So do yourself a favor buy a new one or one that has good references so to speak.. The old saying a little ole lady owned it IS *($#SH!t...
Lol for the most part very true. The 1997 Honda TRX300 2wd I just bought was purchased off of a little old lady who owns a horse farm. Her husband, who passed away 4-5years ago bought the 4 Wheeler brand new. It is still all original(tires, all warning stickers, etc) except for the added gun rack, hand shifter(which I removed immediately) and trailer receiver with insert. I have to replace the battery and I did have to rebuild the carburetor since they didn't drain the gas. It wouldn't start when I looked at it, but I took a chance and bought it anyway. I never do that, but I took a chance seeing as how the engine oil, spark plug, rear end oil all looked and smelled fine. I'll probably never do that again though because I could've been burned.

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