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I also think if your going to smell the oil for it being BRUNT< I'd be smelling for fuel in there too

I agree, buying used is more of a gamble than ever on ATV< since so many think there boats
go back 10+ yrs ago, and almost NO one ran them like they do today

so its a LOT harder tyo take anyone's word these days too, people too have changed

we live in a world where everyone seems out top screw anyone, as long as its NOT themselves??
yet this way of logic, just means everyone just s screws everyone more??

no one seems to care about there reputation anymore, just as long as they get paid, is all that seems to matter to so many

always was scammers out there always will, just the number of them is GROWING , faster than ever if you ask me!

and that's why I buy NEW< or I buy so cheap i cannot loose LOL
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